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Prevent termites, bugs, and mold in your home for under $200.

If you are remodeling your home or even building a home you are spending a good amount of money. Having a way to protect that investment and give you piece of mind would be great. Well you can help protect that investment by spending about $200 and get that piece of mind. How can you do this? I am glad you asked. There are three products you will need and they are all available on Amazon. Oh and by the way these products are all products that are listed on the green building sites. The first product is called Bora-care with mold preventative. This gallon of of liquid will actually make 6 gallons when you are done. So here is how you will use this product. Pour 5 gallons of water in a bucket or a trash can and then add the bora-care and mold preventative. You will need to mix them together using a hand drill and a mixing attachment. You will then take the last gallon of water and triple rinse the bora-care and mold preventative and pour that into the mixture. You want to mix for 5 minutes to make sure everything is properly mixed. The mixture will need to be sprayed on, so if you don't have a pump sprayer you will need to get one. Because you are working with chemicals and you will be spraying this, you do want to take some safety precautions. You will want to make sure you wear safety goggles, wear long sleeves, pants and gloves and finally you will need to wear a respirator. After you have filled your sprayer you will then coat and soak the studs and sheathing from about 2 feet down to the floor to stop the termites, because they will be coming from down below. Because this mixture has the mold preventative in it you will also want to spray the mixture all the way to the celin anywhere where mold might become a problem (wet areas or where water will be). If you are really concerned about mold you can spray this on your sheetrock as well. You would coat both sides and let it dry before installing it. This will prevent mold and termites for the life of the house as long as these areas do not get really wet, because the water will leach out the product.

The next thing you will want to do to protect your house is to use a product that is made of boric acid. This will prevent termites and is really easy to do. After step one has dried and you now have your insulation in, you will dump this power along the base of the studs, under the tubs, in the attic, any voids or openings and anywhere else you can get it to protect your home from these pests.

Lastly you want to use a flexible caulk like Dabs dynaflex to seal the joints along the floor or any other openings that will allow bugs to get in. This will also help with insulating your home to keep the heat in or out depending on the season.

By doing these three things you can save yourself a lot of time and money in the future and protect your investment for not alot of money. You will keep them termites at bay for the life of the home, keep out those other pests, prevent mold growth and get a boost in energy efficiency; why wouldn't you do this.

List of products:

Bora-Care with Mold-Care -

BackPack Sprayer -

Boric Acid Powder -

Respirator -

3M Renovation Coverall -

Long Nitrate Gloves -

Paddle Mixer -

DynaFlex 230 -

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